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Astro Tantrik Research Centre

Contributions of Indian heritage are of course innumerable and unparallel.Our Puranic Rishis(Ancient Saints) have rightly paved the path of ideal human life.They have clearly shown how to live,through which way one should advance,and how to discharge ones duty properly.At the same time they have imparted valuable information regarding ways of treckling problems and means of diluting confrontations trough various Shastras.Certain outstanding persons take efforts to pick up gems of knowledge from the ocean of Arsha culture and contribute them far the well being of modern life..This is ofcource beneficial to ongoing generations.

Our Chief Priest Brahmasree M.N.Sreejith Nampoothiri is fortunate enough to acquaint with Manthrik,Tanthrik and Jyotish(Astrology) matter along with modern education.He is well versed in Tahthrika,Manthrika,Astrology,Yantra Vidhi from various famous Tantrika Achaaryas in Kerala.He could utilize rare books on these subjects and refer to the manuscripts and thaliyola documents.He succeeded in effectively correlating the traditional knowledge with modern Imformation Technology.As a result of several years hard brain work he could build up a new awareness of ancient Shastras surely free from blind Superstitions..


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