Handmade By Sreejith Nampoothiri in silver sheet,energised with 12 days pooja/Homam then inserted inside silver locket.Once order placed it will take 12 days to prepare Yantra.Free delivery within India.
Human life is filled with miseries and happiness. There are times of ups and downs in everyone’s life. However, most people are taken up by the downs in their lives. They succumb to despair. Dhoomavathiyanthram helps a person to get out of downs and live a confident and happy life. On top of that, this yanthra grants its owner with lots of blessings such as freedom from evil affliction, diseases, fear of ghosts, etc. According to the astrologers, the devotee is supposed to have this yanthra written on a pure piece of gold or silver and wear it on his body. He can also keep it safe in a good location at home.