|| Mananaath Thraayathae ithi Mantra ||

“Mananaath Thraayathae Ithi Mantra” Which means the one who chants the mantras will be protected. Mantras are the voice symbolizations of the supreme power. Mantras are rhythmically oriented patterns which depict the power of God.
Chanting the mantra (Japa) is done in several ways. When it is done audibly by pronouncing the mantra correctly, it is called Vaachika japa. When the chanting is done by moving the tongue and the lips is such a manner that is can be heard only by the chanter and no one else is called Upamshu Japa. When the chanting is done mentally without moving tongue or lips is called Maanasa japa. Among this, the third one is considered superior to the second, and the second one superior to the first.
These mantras will help the devotees to meditate and workship god in their homes as well as in temples. These mantras can be recited in accordance to one’s needs. Guru’s instructions are necessary for the chanting of the mantras. Therefore, these mantras can be utilized by the devotees as an advice(upadesham) from Sreejith Nampoothiri.

We wish that these mantras may lead you to prosperity and may you be showerd with the divine blessings of God.