Handmade By Sreejith Nampoothiri in silver sheet,energised with 12 days pooja/Homam then inserted inside silver locket.Once order placed it will take 12 days to prepare Yantra.Free delivery within India.
As per Hindu sacred texts, Gayatri is Vedas, Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma. Later she got personified as a goddess. She represents ultimate power and strength. You can attain complete peace of mind and a trouble free life. Money, fecility and health are assured. Unearthly power can be gained and harmony can brought into life. Healthy and positive thoughts will be generated and you will be safeguarded from all bad omen, soul, dreams and spirit. Each mantra encrypted on Gayatri yanthra draws powerful frequencies to revitalize and energise you. You will be shown the pathway to enlightenment.