8x8inch Yantra Handmade by Sreejith Nampoothiri for installation in Puja room or temple.Sree suktha is a famous yajurveda mantra. It invokes power of Mahalekshmi- goddess of wealth. Sree suktha yanthram is regarded to be one of the most prominent among devi yanthras (yanthras of the goddess). Wearing this yanthra as per the astrological theories will fetch health, crops, prosperity, good cows, properties and sons. By wearing or placing this yanthra in your home, you attract the blessings of the devi (goddess). In the opinion of popular astrologers, wherever sreesukthayanthram is placed, the goddess Mahalekshmi will appear there and bless everyone present. If you wish to have total and lasting happiness and prosperity in your home, it is advisable to get a sreesukthayanthram prepared and place in your home and do the necessary homages.