Handmade By Sreejith Nampoothiri in silver sheet,energised with 12 days pooja/Homam then inserted inside silver locket.Once order placed it will take 12 days to prepare Yantra.Free delivery within India.
Alleviation of bad omen, distress and disasters is assured with the possession of thrishtuppu yanthram. Do you know that hundreds of people struggle in their lives due to ghost or evil afflictions? Yes, it is quite unfortunate but true in deed. Affliction of ghosts or evil powers occurs due to many reasons. It can be either come through the sacrifices of your enemies or your own mistakes in the past. However, you can get rid of all these afflictions by way of holding a right yanthra with you. Thrishtuppu yanthram is designed to protect people from evil affflictions and have prosperity, peace, fame and wealth. This yanthra needs to be prepared with the right intention.