Handmade By Sreejith Nampoothiri in silver sheet,energised with 12 days pooja/Homam then inserted inside silver locket.Once order placed it will take 12 days to prepare Yantra.Free delivery within India.
This is best for spiritual growth and the expansion of dimension of thoughts. Ideal for intellectuals and public speakers, Yachanda saamrugya yanthram is to be prepared on an auspicious day and to be written on a piece of gold or silver. The devotee has to begin to wear this yanthra from an auspicious day just like any other yanthras. The wearer will be endowed with a slew of blessings such as fame, prosperity and long life. Another side of this yanthra is that it will make the devotee extra intelligent and genius. The devotee will made capable of learning noble subjects like vedas and manthras by hearing them at least once. The devotee will become a useful person for the society he lives in.