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A review of Vedic-India:

Brahmasree M.N.Sreejith Nampoothiri
(Managing Trustee & Chief Priest, Astro Tantrik Research Centre)

The valuable and splendid heritage of India is not relished or realized in its fullness, by the present generation of modern India. The relevance of maxims arises at this period of time. The works of true poets act as priceless pearls. The poems of great people work as maxims, reflects the glory and richness of Indian legacy. These maxims generate truthfulness, justice, morality, learning, and Karmasiddanta and engender hatred towards vices like adharma and wickedness. These maxims or proverbs are presented in books like ‘Hithopadesha’, ‘Neethishathaka’ and ‘Panchathantra’. Proverbs which are highly famous are mentioned below, from the treasury of infinite proverbs.
The talents and the results of the karmas of the previous birth are experienced in human life, which is the after-effect of previous births. Therefore, the results of the good and bad deeds done in this birth will have to be experienced in the next birth. If one gives priority to good deeds, he will get engrossed in Brahma. Therefore the initial karma should be performed by concentrating on the eternal Brahma.
Man should eat only for the sake of living and should not live for the sake of eating. Life is not meant for having pleasure only but is meant for experiencing the results of one’s karmas. Body, mind and soul make a complete man. Man should earn wisdom for this purpose. Wisdom is the ultimate source which guides a man to the real target of life. Brahma is the source of pleasure for everything.
One should not wander aimlessly pondering over the meaning and the after-effects of one’s duties or karmas. One should be ready to perform his karmas without bothering about its results. One should feel confident that the power of the eternal and Almighty God will guide him through all his ways.
Water does not possess a fixed shape or form of its own. Water takes on the form of the container in which it is kept. Likewise, man should try to bring out wisdom which lies hidden in his psychic unconscious.
Unfavourable circumstances and carelessness are the basic reasons which draw back man from achieving wealth or prosperity. If a man truly desires to free himself from all these limitations, he should perform his karmas in a most efficient way.
One should worship and perform his ritualistic duties with a spirit of dedication. One would not be able to experience the divine touch of God in temples, unless one finds God within oneself. This happens because he does not have the knowledge or sense to realize that the omnipotent and omnipresent God who resides within his heart.
If a foolish man is given the advice that “everything is brahma”, he may turn out to be a trouble for others. Only a person who frees himself from worldly ties and arrogance can relish the divine peace of God. Those people who conduct research in scientific field and the ones who perform social services will get true satisfaction in life.
No one can escape from the results of karma. Nobody can attain perfectness or completeness through self-sacrifice. Every human being on earth is forced to do a particular karma or the other, based on the talents with which he is blessed. No one can keep himself away from karma even for a moment.
The one who has succeeded in overcoming the passions or the desires of the five senses is deceiving oneself if he engages himself in other thoughts. The most dangerous enemy of the world is lust, which swallows all goodness and later turns itself into resentment.
Wisdom leads a person from the darkness of ignorance to light. Wisdom dazzles like the light of the sun, which crushes darkness. A truly religious man will not lead a worldly life and worldly troubles will not dishearten him. He will not be overjoyed by the gain of material pleasures.
A wise man will not find happiness in material pleasures, which are merely sources of sorrows. It may not give happiness for a wise man because there is always a beginning and end for material luxuries.
A yogi is a person who can overcome the passions of the five senses and who is ready to sacrifice himself for the sake of God. He enjoys the divine heavenly bliss during their life on earth itself.
The mind of a person can activate and deactivate his spirits. The man can act the part of a friend as well as an enemy.
Agnideva is the favourite deity of the Brahmins, whereas, the rishis believed that God sustains in the heart of a person. Foolish people treat idols as deities but wise people finds God everywhere. The beauty of an unwise man, the knowledge which is not utilized and the money which is left unused turns to be useless.
One should attain wisdom disregarding the fact that old age and death will come one day. Dharma should be practised with the knowledge that death is near to him. Flowers which are kept inside the palms, spreads the fragrance to both the hands. Likewise, the flowers and good people possess the similar quality of not showing any distinction between friends and enemies.
To show dislike when something is given to somebody, to show dishonour to somebody, to talk about the misdeeds of somebody and forget the names of dear ones are the characteristics of an ungrateful person. One should not reveal the loss of money, mental pain, trumpery which happens in the household, to another person. It is difficult to earn money and very hard to save the earned money. Whether money is earned or spent, it is the cause for all problems.
Wealth is as significant as the dust which sticks to the feet. Youth will pass away just like the flow of water. Life is as delicate as a dew-drop. It is very tender like lather. Whoever fails to perform the karma which he supposed to do, will surely regret in the fire of repentance at the time of old age. The only aim of wicked people is to earn wealth, whereas that of a common man is to achieve wealth and fame. But fame is the only aim of great men.
The one who examines the life of a rich man and compares his life with that of the former feels that he is poor. Nothing is eternal in this world except God’s love. Wealth and prosperity is temporary, human life is perpetual and salvation is the only everlasting gift of man.
Even if it’s not possible to follow the ways and life-style of great men completely, an attempt should be made from our part to follow them.
Performance of an evil act, hatred towards good people, enmity towards the powerful ones, and belief in women are the four gates which lead a man to death. The one who is not able to visualize the truth of a fact is a blind man.
The house of a childless man is void; the mind of a fool is void; and a poor man finds everything void. The one who stays in another man’s house earns nothing other than disrespect.
The one who restrains himself from doing help to a stranger is a miser. Great men treat the whole world as their family.
The wealth which is not destined to be utilized will get spoiled by some means. An orphan child left in forest may grow up by some means and the child, who is brought up at home may die of some other reasons. All these things happen as a result of the destiny of a person.
Even an enemy who visits our home should be respected. Even a tree will not stop giving shade to a person who comes near it to chop it off.
If the presence of God is with you, your enemy will be turned to friend, poison will turn sweet and adharma will be changed to dharma. If God is against you, everything will turn against you.
Even the union of small objects may turn out to be useful for large projects. A rope is made of grass but it can be utilized for fastening an elephant.
Even great men cannot escape from the hard realities of life.
If truth is weighed against a thousand ashwamedhas (horse-sacrifices), it can be understood that truth possesses much weight than a thousand ashwamedhas.
Even the wicked may perform dharma at the expense of torturing the good ones.
A Brahmin who is not happy with what he has, a kshetriya who is satisfied with what he has, a prostitute who feels shy for doing her job and a good woman who does not possess the quality of shyness will perish for sure.
Fellowship may bring good as well as bad effects.
A bee will fly in search of honey. Likewise, prosperity will follow a good man everywhere like the water which runs down from a mountain. A truly deserving person may achieve the things which he long for.
The mind of a person is revealed through his figure, behaviour, expressions, and way of speech, appearance and the way in which he performs himself.
A student can attain only a quarter of knowledge from his guru and should make use of his own intellect to gain another quarter of knowledge.
Another quarter of knowledge is derived from his peer-group and the remaining quarter should be possessed from his remaining life-time. It means that education of a person is completed in four stages.
The sun, moon, wind, fire, sky, earth, water, one’s own mind, day, night, dusk and dharma are the witnesses to the good and bad deeds committed by a person.
One should not get worried at times of sorrow and should not turn arrogant when he turns rich.
The real love of a friend can be realized at the time of danger, the bravery of a soldier at the time of war, the honesty of a person in repaying his debts and the love of a wife can be rated when her husband finds a shortage of money.
The one who faces a tough situation in life is eager to donate and his circumstances force him to be much more liberal.
One should save wealth to save oneself from poverty. The good ones will not have to stay hungry. If one fails to adore the Almighty God, he may loose his wealth. If the hard earned money is spent recklessly, one may have to face hardships.
The life-time, employment, wealth, education, death etc of a person is determined by God as soon as he starts growing in his mother’s womb.
The setting of sun everyday steals away a part of our life-time. Therefore one should think again and again before performing a particular karma.
The ignorant ones are capable of doing only small tasks and in executing these tasks they will have to face so many troubles. On the other hand, wise men will execute mighty tasks without undergoing any complication.
Health, education, fellowship with good people, birth in a well-to-do family, man-power are the things which can be achieved even without the aid of wealth.
Laziness, serving women, illness, love for mother-country, gratification (with what one possess), and cowardice are the hindrances which prevent one from attaining glory.
Unutilized knowledge, a woman in the hands of another man, poorly cultivated land, an army without an in-charge, will perish for sure.
A job which is done with the full use of knowledge and talent is highly glorious. Leading one’s livelihood with agriculture and business is satisfactory. It is sinful to lead one’s life by depending on somebody.
Great things can be achieved in life only through hard work. The prey for lion will not enter the mouth of a lion automatically.
Even animals are able to grasp things which are taught to them. If horses and elephants are made to walk, they will do it. But scholars have the ability to understand things with the power of assumption.
Wealth will always follow a hard-working man. Only the wicked believes that everything happens according to destiny. One should be willing to work in accordance with one’s capability.
If one dares to help a wicked man, he will have to meet with trouble. Consumption of milk will intensify the poison of the snake.
The fragrance of lotus, fish and water plants are different, even though each of them live in water. Likewise, the people of the same family may have extremely different characters.
A father, who creates debts for his son to pay, is an enemy to the latter. A mother with a loose character is an enemy. A beautiful wife is an enemy. An ignorant son is an enemy.
Debt, fire, enemy are the three things which will amplify by itself.
When one struggles to create an end to one problem, another one may come up. Likewise, so many troubles may come up, if there are enough loop-holes.
If one possesses only one intelligent son, his glory will shine like a moon which removes darkness and brings light.
A Rishi watering a mango tree with the holy herb in one palm is giving nourishment to the tree as well as offering libation to the spirit of the dead. It is better to lead a life without depending on anyone.
The one who lives for fulfilling the dreams of others is a wise man. The one who helps others only if his needs are not obstructed, is a normal man.
On the other hand, the one who hinder the needs of others for their personal needs are selfish and wicked.
It is said that sandal has a cooling nature. But the touch of a son is much more soothing than the application of sandalwood.
One should have the ability to control his anger. A wise man has the power to overcome the passions caused by the senses. Politeness adds on the beauty of a tribe, and charity intensifies the wealth of a person. A calm mind is a decoration for a meditative mind, forgiving mind is an adornment for a brave man and honesty is an adornment for dharma. Politeness is the most adorable quality among all these.
Before the initiation of a particular deed, one should see to it that the climate is favourable; who all will be his helpers, whether the deed is performed in a perfect area, whether one is able to achieve proper benefits from it, and should assess one’s own capability. All these things should be pondered over again and again.
How much ever a brave man is troubled, he will never lose his bravery. Even if fire is kept inverted, the flame will always move upwards.
The smell of onion will remain unchanged, even if it immersed in rose-water.
A true friend should be willing to do anything to his friend at anytime in the manner in which the hands protect the body and the eyelashes protect the eyes.
On the basis of the assistance provided by the good man, the wicked will also attain his qualities. Even though the colour of the kajal is black, it adds on beauty to the eyes of a lady.
Some nips off the bud of a plant, some plucks away the flowers, some plucks the fruits but nobody dares to water the plant during the summer season. (The people, who assisted you during your good times, will not assist you in times of danger.)
Patience is the power of the weak. It is also a decoration for the powerful. The mind of any man can be captured with the power of patience. What is the thing which cannot be achieved through patience?
Those who possess the power of patience can even win the hearts of the wicked.
If one possesses the weapon of forgiveness, there is no need of any other weapon. If one possesses knowledge there is no need of wealth. Shyness is a decoration for woman and if she has shyness as her quality she doesn’t need to have any other ornaments.
A student should be alert, conscious, active and simple.
Both the crane and the crow are dark. Then what is the difference between these two? The difference between these two birds can be identified during spring season.
Wisdom will provide fruitful results every time like a cow which yield milk everyday.
Death is associated with body, danger with wealth and parting with union. Everything on earth is transient.
A good wife advises her husband like a minister, serves him like a servant, beautiful like a goddess, patient like mother-earth, and should be lustful like a prostitute.
Everything on earth has its own charm. Anybody may get attracted to a thing which is appealing to the eye.
It is shameful to leave one’s job unfinished.
A person who maintains friendship with a wicked man will never achieve happiness. How can one cherish peace in family, if his son is quarrelsome?
How can a guru gain honour if his student is a foolish one?
External embellishments do not make the real adornment to a person. Having a good command over a language is the most precious adornment.
It is worthless to have a son who is ignorant and foolish. It is just like having blind eyes which may not help one in seeing things.
One should work hard to earn wealth. Is it possible to sell cows which don’t yield milk?
The bees get attracted to a flower as a result of its fragrance.
The worth of goodness is realized only by good people. The water in the river can be drunk whereas the water in the sea cannot be drunk.
If good seeds are sown in a fertile soil, it will bear fruit even if the cultivator is ignorant of the methods of cultivation.
Water, fire, poison, weapon, hunger, disease, fall from a mountain can take away the life of a person.
Association with good people can comfort the minds of depressed people.
A woman who gets weak as a result of hunger may leave her own son.
One has to be conscious about danger only till danger comes. When a problem arises one should find a suitable solution to solve it.
A real scholar will move his foot only after fixing another foot on the ground. One should not leave one position without attaining another one.
If a poor man possesses courage, its fine. Likewise, any food item will taste good, if it is served hot.
An ideal wife is equal to ten doctors. Likewise, Sun is as worthy as the result produced by ten wives. A mother is equal to ten suns.
The mind of a person deceived by his relatives tends to suspect even his relatives. A child who gets his mouth burnt after drinking sweet syrup may drink even curd slowly.
Snakes and wicked men-which one is better? Snakes are better because they will bite only when they are hurt, but wicked men will torment us in every move.
One should not develop friendship with wicked men even though they are adorned with scholarship. They are like snakes with gems over its heads.
One should not develop friendship or maintain enmity with evil people. If charcoal is touched when it is hot, it may burn one’s hand and if it is touched when cold, may make our hands smeared with ash.
One should not restrain oneself from doing a deed, fearing that the performance of that deed may create problems.
Good people will mingle easily with others as soon as they get acquainted with people. On the other hand, the wicked will mingle with others only for the attainment of their evil pleasures.
A wise man should be willing to leave his wealth and even his life, for the sake of others.
A rich man, a Brahmin and a king should never live in a place without a river and doctor.
Whoever wishes to attain wealth for the proper execution of dharma, should forget his desire.
An association which does not hold old men is not an association. An old man who does not advises his younger generation is not really a wise man.
Intelligence will not aid a man who does not possess the capability of taking a decision of his own. The lamp in the hand of a blind man will not help him to see the world.
Not even a single living creature will die on earth, until its time comes.
A sky appears to be beautiful with the presence of a rainbow, a woman seems to be pretty because of her virtues, a horse is admired because of its speed, that of a house because of its happiness, a language because of its grammar, an association with the intelligence of scholars, a tribe because of its sons and a river because of the lively presence of swans.
A man with a determined mind will not hesitate to climb even a mountain.
Wise men will put on an air of seriousness from outside but their hearts will be as soft as a feather. Wicked men will look soft and attractive only from outside.
A person, who becomes angry because of a substantial reason, will forget the matter as soon as the reason for his anger is solved.
A wise man will not turn away from doing good deeds, even if the mountains shake and the earth shiver.
Nobody can alter the will of God and nobody can change what the God does.
Death and re-birth are the two things which keep on recurring in the life of a human being.
Anybody can easily advise others but it is very difficult to practise dharma in one’s own life.
The strength of birds lies in sky, that of fish in water and that of babies lies in their cries.
A true friend restricts a person from doing wrong, holds the secrets regarding his friend close to his heart, will not leave him in times of danger, and helps him at the right time.
A good son makes his parents happy through his good deeds.
The knowledge contained in text books, the wealth in the hands of somebody and a son who lives abroad are worthy only for name sake.
Our body is getting demolished day by day but it cannot be realized before the time of death.
True people will not forget the aid given to them by others. Likewise, a coconut tree bears fruit till the end of its lifetime as a gratitude for the water offered to it.
The great lesson which should be learned from a lion is that it will utilize its full effort from the beginning towards the end in accomplishing a task.
It’s useless to convince the mind of foolish people.
One should wake up early in the morning, fight with equals, dividing one’s food equally with relatives and searching for prey by oneself are the lessons which should be learned from a hen.
One should be ready to leave one’s life for the sake of protecting dignity.
The good people will turn more humble when they attain prosperity. This is an inherent quality of generous people.
The good lessons which should be learned from a dog are, eating much food, to be happy with what it is given, sleeping easily, waking up easily, loving its master, and showing bravery.
Being affected by morning or evening sunlight, withstanding the smoke from graveyard, having sexual union with an old lady, drinking water from a pond, having curd at night are the things which aggravate a disease.
A good advice given by a child should be taken seriously by intelligent people.
A guest should be given honour and reverence and should be welcomed in the most decent way.
An eccentric, careless man, tired man, short-tempered man, greedy man, a coward and a lover does not realize the power of dharma.
Only few people will realize the worth of the goodness and virtues of others.
Only wise men will practise what they speak but the wicked will preach but won’t practise.
It’s really shameful for one to become a slave of another because God has created everyone equally without any distinction.
A cat, buffalo, goat, crow and an evil man should not be trusted.
The parents, who do not educate their child at his childhood, are actually his enemies. When he enters an assembly, he has to sit with his head bowed like a crane among a group of swans.
Wisdom will protect a man from danger, like a mother. It encourages him to perform wise things, like a father. It helps him to forget his sorrows and consoles him, like a wife. Wisdom helps him to attain wealth and fame.
A pleasant face, bright eyes, pleasing speech, kind words and intense love are the qualities of good people.
Happiness wipes out sorrow; winter keeps out summer and profit removes agony. Wisdom helps a man in overcoming danger.
A foolish man spoils his whole wealth in the fear of spending a small amount of money.
Wise men believe that life is union of wisdom, glory and dignity.
As water is dug out from deep earth, wisdom should be earned from a guru through reverence and service.
The glory and ability of a person is tested through his intelligence, karma, character and family.
A chariot will not run with one wheel. Luck will not help a person in achieving fame. Only hard work will help a person in reaching his destination.
The virtues of a person are revealed through his behaviour. The fragrance of musk will spread automatically and cannot be prevented.
The happiness which comes after sorrow gives much relief and comfort. The shadow of a tree appears to be much pleasing to a person who takes rest under it after walking out in the sun.
A debate should be made only among the fittest and the richest. An argument should not be done among a good man and a wicked man.
If a man lives exclusively for himself, he is selfish.
If one fails to find respect, job for a living, and relatives and education in a particular place, he should not hesitate to leave that place.
Study of science will not help a person who is insensible.
There is no need to beautify a thing which is lovely by nature. Will anybody apply colour on precious stones or gems?
The one, who gave green colour to parrots, white colour to swans and a variety of colours to peacocks, will provide all your needs.
Youth, wealth and nonsense are the things which may lead a person to his downfall. Therefore a person who possesses all these things at a time may definitely face danger.
The chariot of the sun possesses only one wheel. Even then sun moves around the whole world everyday. A good man will be righteous in his ways and it’s not because of the aid of the material benefits he has.
The wisdom of a person shines in glory because of the presence of his guru.
A rich man can expect evil consequences from his king, relatives, from water and fire any time.
All the desires of a child should be granted till he becomes five years old. For the next ten years he should be treated like a servant and should be made to do all tasks. From the age of sixteen, he should be treated like a friend. He should be made to identify the distinction between right and wrong.
A man born in a reputed family, handsome, young and wealthy is said to be unlucky if he is uneducated. He is just like a flower without fragrance.
A student will forget his master as soon as he finishes his education. A man will forget his mother when he gets married. When a woman gets a baby, she forgets her husband. Likewise, a patient will forget his doctor as soon as he is cured.
A man who possesses a vaulting ambition or desire will turn poor. If one has a mind with contentment, it is the greatest wealth.
A lovely dress is a major adornment. Ghee is important for food; virtue is significant for a woman and wisdom for a wise man.
Wisdom will amplify simplicity. One can achieve wealth and glory through the power of wisdom. One can attain prosperity through the execution of dharma.
When one stays away from one’s homeland, wisdom will do the part of a relative.
Wisdom is the guru of even, great men. Wisdom is adored by kings and ministers. An illiterate man is just like an animal.
A man born in a reputed family will be treated as an idiot if he is ignorant.
A wife who is quarrelsome, who supports another man, blames her husband is wicked by nature and she should be divorced.
A man who faces the cruel realities of life despises his fortune. An ignorant man never understands the mistakes in his karmas.
Honey should be extracted even from poison. Gold should be taken even from shit. It is respectable to achieve wisdom even from the wicked. One can marry a good woman even from the lowest community.
A good man gets associated with good people and a wicked one gets associated with evil people. Inherent qualities of a person will never leave him until his death.
Even one virtue may outnumber all other defects.
The poison of a scorpion lies in its tail. The poison of a mosquito lies in its head. The poison of a snake lies in its teeth. But the body of a wicked man is full of poison.
It is said that one should stay ten feet away from a horse and thousand feet away from an elephant.
Scientific medications are available for every disease but no medications can cure the wickedness of an evil man.
A foolish man will have to meet with thousands of problems day by day.
The parents of a bride desires to have well-educated groom whereas, a bride longs to have a groom who is handsome and smart.
One should not generate harm to others. It is a basic law of dharma.
One should be willing to utilize every moment of a day to perform good deeds.
It is good people who proclaims and appreciates the goodness and virtues of others.
If the world is conquered with honesty, justice can be earned with generosity, but enemies can be conquered only through the power of an arrow.
A friend should be influenced with friendship, elders with respect, and women with generosity and hospitality, and others can be attracted through a good behaviour.
A snake will not become weak even if it stays hungry. Likewise, the wild elephants attain more strength even after consuming wild grass. The ultimate aim of man is to live happy forever.
One should to get into action without prior thinking.
Nobody can change the will of God and it is impossible for a man to change the destiny of another man which God has kept in store for him.
One can quench his hunger through the consumption of wild grass in the forest. Will anybody commit a great sin for quenching his hunger?
It is better to stay friendly and happy with the relatives, even if they prove to be useless.
One should try to plant trees which will produce good fruits and that which will provide shade.
A cub pounces on an elephant even if it is small. Likewise, age will not act as a barrier for brave and confident people to do great things.
A donkey carries its load even if it feels tired, and bears heat and cold, and remains happy always. Man should learn these three lessons from a donkey.
A swine gives birth to a thousand young ones within a short period of time. On the other hand, an elephant gives birth to a young one by taking a long period of time, but it is loved by kings and noblemen.
One may have a good body and he may possess a beautiful wife but if his mind is not united with the Paramatma, his life is of no use.
It is admirable to perform one’s own duty in an efficient way rather than engaging in someone else’s work.
A truly religious person will be willing to help and serve anybody.