What are Mantra-Samhitas?

The Mantra-Samhitas
The Rig-Veda Samhita is the grandest book of the Hindus, the oldest and the best. It is the
Great Indian Bible, which no Hindu would forget to adore from the core of his heart. Its style, the
language and the tone are most beautiful and mysterious. Its immortal Mantras embody the greatest
truths of existence, and it is perhaps the greatest treasure in all the scriptural literature of the world.
Its priest is called the Hotri.
The Yajur-Veda Samhita is mostly in prose and is meant to be used by the Adhvaryu, the
Yajur-Vedic priest, for superfluous explanations of the rites in sacrifices, supplementing the
Rig-Vedic Mantras.
The Sama-Veda Samhita is mostly borrowed from the Rig-Vedic Samhita and is meant to
be sung by the Udgatri, the Sama-Vedic priest, in sacrifices.
The Atharva-Veda Samhita is meant to be used by the Brahma, the Atharva-Vedic priest, to
correct the mispronunciations and wrong performances that may accidentally be committed by the
other three priests of the sacrifice.

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