Handmade By Sreejith Nampoothiri in silver sheet,energised with 12 days pooja/Homam then inserted inside silver locket.Once order placed it will take 12 days to prepare Yantra.Free delivery within India.
This is best for people who are subjected to the risk of fire at their work places. People living in the tropical areas are often affected by wildfire. The wildfire is so dangerous that it takes hundreds of lives, destroys fertile paddy fields into ashes and the likes. Is there any way to prevent unexpected dangers like fire? Yes, the agni bhayahara yanthram is a special yanthra that can prevent the danger of fire effectively. Get this yanthra prepared on a piece of silver, gold or copper and keep it in your house or farm. You will never have to fear about the fire anymore. Furthermore, this yanthra brings all forms of prosperity to the place where it is placed.