As the name indicates, Rajagopala yanthram helps in achieving royal or noble abilities. This yantra is ideal for convincing and getting favours from your senior officials including job promotions. Also those who are in the marketing field can quickly establish prolific relationship with customers. The one who wears this yanthra as per the directions will be blessed with all the heavenly pleasures and prosperities. He/she will get the rare power to influence or attract the subjects of all the three worlds. Many of the successful politicians, businessmen and rich people make use of the seamless power of this yanthra to keep their positions, status and wealth uninterrupted by any external forces or evil powers. In addition to all these, this yanthra has power to safeguard one from all undesired harms or evils.
This Yantra is blessed with Bhagavaan Sri Krishna Blessings,as we know whole universe was attracted to Bhagavaan Krishna.This yantra removes Maya and helps in realisation of our abilities.