This was advised by Parasurama to Parvathy Devi for getting Lord Shiva. Traditionally, it was used by Kathakali artists and stage performers to attract pulic towards them. Yantra fulfills marriage intentions.It is a misconception that this yantra is simply for marriage success,its also for attraction and achievements. Swayamvara yanthra can be written on a piece of gold or silver. After preparing this yanthra, the swayamvara mathra (prayer) has to be recited to make it powerful. The devotee has to choose an auspicious day to wear this yanthra. Wearing this yanthra will bring about amazing changes in one’s life in the form of prosperity such as yielding cows, crops, properties, ornaments, friends, good family, etc. In addition to all these, the wearer will be blessed with the ability to please gods and goddesses in all the three worlds and obtain all his wishes instantly.