Narasimhayanthram is your shatrusamhara aid and keeps you safe from all sorts of evil powers. You remain spared from the negatives of black magic and bad omen. You fear is eliminated and self-confidence is boosted. In the opinion of popular astrologers, the act or the influence of the evil powers is among the most common reasons for one’s unhappiness. Unless one safeguards himself against the evil powers through powerful yanthras, he could be risking his life. The narasimhayanthram is one of the most powerful yanhthras out there. It is specially designed to counteract evil powers.
The wearer should have the confidence that this yanthra can protect him from evils. He should use it as per the directions given to him by the astrologer. The power of this yanthra can be multiplied by working out the tips directed by the astrologer.