MahaSudarshana Yantra

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Mahasudarsanayanthram is one of the most powerful yanthras. It has got the power to eliminate all kinds of enemies. The yantra is inspired from the sudershana chakra worn by Maha Vishnu on his right hand. This chakra is believed to be capable of alleviating all types of misfortunes and hardships to bring you positive energy and good luck. Su-darshana means virtuous vision and this yantra exactly does the same.
One who obtains this yanthra and uses it for good purposes will never have any failure in his/her life. He/she will have success and be freed from the affliction of all kinds of evils. One of the reasons that this yanthra is sought by many is that it has the power to diffuse all evil powers cast on him/her by their enemies. This yanthra will make one rich, powerful and influential. Wearers of this yanthra will be blessed with beautiful girls and prestige.


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