8x8inch Yantra Handmade by Sreejith Nampoothiri for installation in Puja room or temple.
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This is one of the most powerful yanthra and suitable for those with shukra dasha and help with the luring capabilities. Yantra attracts everybody’s attention towards where it is kept.You will stay in safe zone away from all sorts of misfortunes in life. Enemies as well as problems from them are completely averted. With this yantra, all sorts of misunderstanding are removed and thus disputes, arguments and hatred gets eliminated for ever. All sorts of graha dosha are removed and tejus is provided. Also this yanthra helps couples trying for children. Pregnant women can also deliver safely by using this yanthra. Tripurasundaree yanthram is associated with gopalamanthram. According to the astrologers, keeping Tripurasundareeyanthram is not that easy. But the devotee has to keep it safe and honour this despite all the difficulties. The one who succeeds in keeping this yanthra with all the due respect and honour will see great miracles in their lives. Prosperity, good health, peace, beauty, influence, protection from all forms of evils, etc are some of the known benefits that the devotees of this yanthra are granted with. The presence of this yanthra at home will drive away all forms of diseases to the members of the family.