Bhagavatiseva is popular Puja done in Kerala tradition.On every occation Ganapati Homam and Bhagavatiseva will be conducted in all spiritual families.Basucally Durga or Paradevata Puja is done in Bhagavatiseva.This ensures prosperity,wellness,happiness,unity in family and fulfills every wishes.Several families conduct Ganapati Homam and Bhagavatiseva once in everymonth and there are lot of nampoothiri families who perform GanapatiHomam and Bhagavatiseva daily in their home.
*Are you devotee of Bhagavati(Goddess)
*Are you living in abroad and want to ensure health,wealth and happiness of family and members who is with you and in native town?
*DO you wish that Devi Shower blessings on your family?
*Is Moon Weak in your Horoscope?
*Got birth in Amavasya or blackmoon day?
Then you can order Bhagavatiseva to beget blessings from Bhagavathy.