Ashtadravya,is special Nivedya which is made of eight sacred items and offered to Lord Ganesha
during the special puja known as Ashta Dravya Mahaganapathy Homam.
It is offered to Lord Ganesh to get his blessings – who blesses with wealth, prosperity and long life.Its very popular remedy in Kerala, for removing obstracles and devotees will be showered with Ganesha blessings.

* Are you devotee of Ganesha?
* Do you have problems with starting any activity?
* Do you face obstracles in your ventures?
* Is your Home/Business Construction/project uncompleted?
* Money is around you and not coming to hand?
* You have problem with taking wid decisions?

AstadravyaMahaganapati Homam is best spiritual remedy for your problems.
Its best to repeat AstaDravya MahaGanapatihomam every year on your Janma Nakshatra.