Rajagopala Murthi is another Bhava of Krishna.As we know from Puranaas ,Krishna mesmerized Gokul and whole universe with his attractivity.Animals,birds,women,men all were hypnotised with his beauty and even Yamuna river was flowing slowly to hear the voice of Krishna.Rajagopala is the attractive form of krishna.Rajagopala Homam will help to improve talents and attractivity.Its good for those who seek job,promotion and increase in sales.
*Are you unemployed?
*Are you not getting good job?
*Are you not satisfied with job?
*Can’t impress your Boss and Claints?
*Not getting promotion?
*Have problem with communication with claints?
*Want to be popular among friends and public?
*Are you looking for foreign Migration or Foreign Job?
You can order Rajagopala Homam/Yagya,
Listen to Rajagopala Mantra
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