Mrityunjay hawan is devoted to Lord Shiva. It is called the – King of Hawans – and is meant for avoiding premature death and increasing span of life. The Hawan is performed to get success over “Mrityu”, which means death. The main point of worship during this Hawan is Lord Shiva. This Hawan is a life saving Hawan, creating heavenly positive guard around the person for whose wellbeing this Hawan is organized. The prominent offerings in this homa are durva grass,herb called amrith, Banyan tree stick,Seasame,Milk and Ghee. Durva grass is popular for purifying blood and amrith is a medicine for incurable diseases like cancer. Maha Mrityunjaya hawan is one of the most effective spiritual way – the spiritual process of healing – to survive and rejuvenate a man or woman who is under a life threat or fighting against death. The Mrityunjaya Hawan is said to take away the fear of death. The religious prayers are devoted by praying for prolonged existence. This Homa also relieve Mrityu Dosha or premature death. This helps to rejuvenate, give health, prosperity, longevity, harmony, wealth and pleasure. It is considered to be one of the most potent Hawan mentioned in Rig Veda & Shiv Puraan, believed to have power to take life back even in an individual close to death. It also protects people from any wicked spirit or black magic. In these days, when life is very complicated and accidents are daily events, this great Hawan will save life. When Maha Mrityunjaya Hawan is done for somebody, due to the prevailing effect of the Mantras, some divine vibrations are produced, which cancel out all the negative and wicked forces and create a powerful defensive shield around us and save us from misfortune & any kind of bad luck. Although, life giving, this Hawan causes a painless, peaceful and smooth passing of the soul and Moksha (salvation from the cycle of birth and death) to a person, who has reached incurable critical stage of sickness, just waiting his/ her death on deathbed. This highly popular Hawan is always recommended towards some major accident or ill health, perceived at the time of horoscope analysis. Advantages of performing Mahamrityunjay hawan It is devoted to Lord Shiva is to avoid premature death and is performed to attain success over death. To alleviate Markesh yoga from horoscope. For prolonged existence and healthy life.For cure of unending illness and healthy life. To avoid any misfortune or untimely death. To purify the brain at a deep point. For religious growth in the person.