As all or our followers Know,Astro Tantrik Research Center is hub of Vedic/Tantrik Puja,Hawan and Yagya.Several private Puja/Hawan are expensive and often impossible to repeat.For those who wish to assure your participation in our regular ceremonies,JanmaNakshatra Puja can be booked.Once you Register with JanmaNakshatra Puja ,we will add your name in our permanent Devotee list and we will be including your name in all Puja/Hawan here.For one month 1000Rs.Every month between 1-5th date ,you can make online payment for Janmanakshatra Puja/homam.
*Are you feeling negative energy around you?
*Do you feel lack of spiritual support?
*You have good possibilities around you but everything coming near and slips out?
*Are you a good devotee and you wish to perform spiritual ceremonies regularly for you?
Then you can book JanmaNakshatra Puja/Hawan.Please Don’t forget to repeat payment every month 1-5.Continue for one year and once you see the good changes around you,you may continue.