Gayatri mantra is of immense significance in many facets. It in fact holds the mother position among mantras. The 24 letters mantra serves as a preliminary sacrament for self-sanitization and gifts you courage; reciting this protects you from all types of mishaps and the effects of expiations and sins. Supercharged with divine energy, it invokes a positive and dynamic force.
Gayatri Homam or Sukritha Homam is considered are purest among all Homam.It cleanses all past life bad karma.Also it cures bad karma from ancestors.
*Does your horoscope shows past life bad karma?
*Do you feel negative energy everywhere?
*Whatever you do,nothing giving results?
*Suffering from By-birth diseases ?
*Having Mental/emotional problems?
Then you can order Gayatri Homam.Be sure that if your past life Karma is too bad just a gayatri Homam cannot cure that,it may need to be elaborated and you can get suggestion from Sreejith Nampoothiri regarding this,or you can repeat Gayatri Homam several times.