Swayamvara Mantra was advised by Bhagavaan Parasurama to Parvathy Devi for marrying Shiva.This incident reveals the importance of this mantra.In this generation,its very hard to get a proper partner.Swayamvara Parvati Homam/Puja will help to get proper partner and also its good for maintaining Love and emotion within couples.Actually Swayamvara Mantra is good for improving attractivity too so this puja/hawan will be beneficiary for artists,stage performers,those who work in marketing and for those who interacts with public.
*Your marriage is getting delayed?
*Relationships not stable?
*No one notices you or loves you?
*fear of public?
*Cannot impress others?
Then you can order Swayamvara parvathi Homam/Puja and also we recommend to order Swayamvara yantra too for getting complete result and can be odered in “Yantra” section.