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Brahmasree Sreejith Nampoothiri

Astrologer & Chief Priest, Astro Tantrik Research Centre

Brahmasree Sreejith Nampoothiri is an eminent personality who is not only famous for his unparalleled knowledge in the niches of Tantrika, Mantrika and Jyothisha but also for preparing laudable and potent yantras that are capable of magnetizing positive energy and  and divine aura around the bearer.

Author of many valued books, the intellectual personality specializes in conducting a wide varities of Poojas and Homas worldwide. He is as of now indulged in researching Kali concept of Kerala and Yantra Vidhi. The studious character made him to get edified under various reputed Tantrikacharyas of Kerala along with the regular academics.

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Brahmasree Collections

Welcome to the sacred collections of spiritual and antique items which will enlighten your life and surroundings.

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Pooja & Homam

Pooja is a ritual of worship and adoration of Paramathma`{`God`}` in the Vedic tradition.

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Yantra is a Sanskrit word, which literally means loom, instrument or machine. In other words, a Yantra is a

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Are You in search of path towards enlightment?

ATRC is an international spiritual organization founded by Sreejith Nampoothiri along with a group of traditional Brahmin Nampoothiri priests, who are well versed in vedic, tantrik and astrological knowledge.

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सर्वद्रव्येषु विद्यैव द्रव्यमाहुरनुत्तमम् । अहार्यत्वादनर्घ्यत्वादक्षयत्वाच्च सर्वदा ॥ ---- हितोपदेशः "Among all things, knowledge is the only supreme treasure because it cannot be stolen, it's priceless and always imperishable "
May 18, 2018

Lord Hayagreeva

Hayagreeva is an incarnation of Vishnu, depicted with a human body and a horse’s head, brilliant white in color, with white garments, seated on a white lotus. He has four […]

September 24, 2017

Vastu Shastra, Origin and its Principles

Vastu means abode or a house and Shastra means science or technology, i.e., it is the scientific method of house construction. In original Sanskrit language, Vastu Shastra means the dwelling of […]

September 17, 2017

What is Yantra?

Yantra is a Sanskrit word, which literally means loom, instrument or machine. In other words, a Yantra is a geometrical representation of corresponding Mantra, created by interlocking several geometric shapes such as circles, […]

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YANTRA IS COMBINATION OF SOOKSHMA SHAREERA AND STHOOLA SHAREERA. Printed yantras has no power at all. All Yantras here are handmade by Sreejith Nampoothiri.
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Saubhagya Yantra

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Aghora yantra

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Mahalakshmi yantra

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Mahashaiva Yantra

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